This year ProProcess celebrates its first decade of delivering engineering innovation to the chemical, metallurgical and petrochemical process industries. To mark the milestone in true engineering style, we take a retrospective view of our top 10 construction projects.

As a process-focused engineering firm, our experts are able to contribute to projects at any stage of development, from conceptualisation throughout the life of the project, all the way up to implementation and fabrication. This comes across within this body of work, whilst the portfolio also demonstrates our depth and breadth of experience, innovation-centric delivery and strong fabrication capabilities. It further brings to the fore our ability to be flexible in the adaptations of our systems.


We designed, manufactured and supplied a large-scale modular batch polymer make-up and storage system for BASF. The Husab Batch Flocculant System is a complete flocculant make-up plant comprising of an automated flocculant powder feeder, a wetting system, a hydration and mixing system, and a dilution system. ProProcess catered for a specialised engineering solution to ensure ease of on-site services and installation where the majority of works and testing was performed at the workshop. The entire plant was pre-assembled and then dismantled into modules for transport and subsequent re-assembly on site. It is the largest batch system designed and manufactured by ProProcess to date.


ProProcess designed and supplied a modular and containerised polymer storage, make-up and dosing plant for one of the major oil sands producers in Canada. The plant is able to receive dry polymer powder in bulk, directly from seacans, for storage in a large silo. Polymer solution is prepared continuously in a series of agitated vessels and injected by large dosing pumps into the tailings slurry. The dynamic system is designed for high volume polymer make-up and high-pressure injection, is fully automated, and runs with minimal operator intervention.


We designed a containerised polymer make-up system for BASF to install at a producer of alumina from bauxite ore mined in the Amazon. The system was designed to produce 15m3/hr of 0.3% polymer solution on a continuous basis, for each of two different polymers. The plant consisted of a single bulk bag debagging system, with a storage silo and a horizontal Continuous Polymer System (hCPS) for each of the products. The work delivered by ProProcess included design with construction, procurement and commissioning assistance of a containerised polymer make-up system. We designed the containerised system so that the majority of the work was completed off site, with placement and connection of the containers being completed on site.


Through this Polymer Systems project we designed, manufactured and supplied a containerised horizontal continuous polymer system for extremely cold weather conditions in Russia. The make-up system was equipped with electrical heating elements to pre-heat the water used for polymer dissolution. The plant included a three-stage, 9m3 make-up and ageing tank system, and each stage was fitted with an agitator. The Continuous Polymer System operates in the freezing environment that experiences external temperatures below -40°C.


The team designed, manufactured and supplied a hydrochloric acid dilution system for a gold mine in Mali. The brief required us to design and supply a HCl dilution system to improve the efficiency and safety of acid dilution at the plant. HCl is delivered to site at 33% concentration in 1000L IBC’s and the gold extraction process required the acid to be diluted to 10%. ProProcess designed a fully skid-mounted dilution system, including the acid decanting pump, static mixer and associated control valves to recirculate or transfer acid automatically. The system is fully automated and includes all the process control and safety interlocks to ensure consistent and safe dilution of the acid. Everything was fully assembled and pre-wired at the workshop so that on-site work was limited to connection of the power supply and inlet/outlet piping.


This project saw ProProcess design and supply a fully automated lime slaking plant to a Zinc project. The Gamsberg lime slaker was designed to process 2.5t/hr of dry lime to produce slaked lime slurry at 20% solids. The ProProcess lime slaker is fully automated and requires minimal operator intervention.


ProProcess was appointed to design and supply the reagent storage and distribution systems for the Gamsberg Zinc project. This required the design and supply of a sodium cyanide reagent storage and distribution system. Sodium cyanide is used as a depressant in the flotation process to prevent the recovery of Sp, Po and Py to the froth phase. As a result the sodium cyanide is delivered as 28-34% aqueous solution in bulk tankers. Sodium cyanide is a lethal poison. The ProProcess design is strictly in accordance with standards, codes and legislation applicable to such substances.


Over our first 10 years in business we have manufactured and supplied specialised crud removal equipment for various clients. Our crud removal equipment is specifically designed for the on-line removal of entrained interface and bottom solids associated with hydrometallurgical SX processes. The patented Crud ForxTM has proved to be especially effective for bottom solids accumulated in SX settlers. Plants using the system have enjoyed prolonged periods of operation without the need to drain settlers for cleaning, even during major crud-runs as a result of poor up-stream solid/liquid separation, and gained the benefit of this cost effective solution.


ProProcess engineered and designed a diesel fuel and lubrication oils storage and dispensing facility for a leading mining company at its manganese mine in the Northern Cape (South Africa). Our design made provision for five 83m3 vertical diesel fuel storage tanks, a 14m3 vertical tank for engine oil and two 4.5m3 horizontal tanks for engine and transmission oil. A single 14m3 vertical tank was provided for waste oil storage.


Through this Fire Systems project we manufactured and supplied containerised fire suppression equipment for a worldwide leading mining entity. The containerised fire suppression system is automated and can be supplied as fully ASIB compliant, complete with back-up power supply and pump test station. Fire water pressure is regulated by means of a controlled return line to the fire water reservoir, and can be adjusted to suit the client fire water network pressure requirements. The system was pre-commissioned in the workshop so that the only work required on site was the connection of power and water supply/discharge lines.

“We continually strive to discover the best solution to the problem, often by pushing the boundaries of innovation whilst retaining the fundamentals of quality, safety, governance and control. As we move into our second decade, we have exciting projects underway that are enabling us to continue to push these boundaries and to redefine process engineering performance,” says Mark Marcus, Managing Director of ProProcess.

Watch this space as the next decade of engineering excellence from ProProcess is in process!

About ProProcess

ProProcess is a dynamic engineering specialist. The company provides design, fabrication and implementation services to industries including Mineral Processing; Hydrometallurgy (base metals, gold and PGMs); Acid mine drainage, water and effluent treatment; Petroleum and petrochemical; Waste to energy; Fine chemicals; Food and beverage; and Fire detection and suppression. The team of professional engineers unlocks innovation in process efficacy for heavyweight industrial entities worldwide.