Enhanced Oil Recovery – EOR

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) focuses on injecting recovered water, usually with a high brine content, into an oil reservoir to recover entrained oil reserves.

Often chemicals are injected to change the mobility of the displacing fluid. The injected chemicals typically consist of polymers that increase the viscosity of the displacing solution but may also include surfactants or alkalis. Surfactants lower interfacial tension, thus improving the wettability of porous rocks. Alkali chemicals react with certain types of oil to form surfactants. The polymer mother solution make-up concentrations utilised in EOR applications is typically higher than 1 wt.% in order to minimise the footprint of the polymer plant. This is then diluted down to a final dosing concentration as specified by the end user. ProProcess offers world-class enhanced oil recovery services. Our modular EOR process plants give you the scalability and then flexibility that you need.

Polymer Make-Down Systems

ProProcess supplies state-of the-art, modular polymer preparation systems to the international EOR market.  These fully integrated plants are supplied including, but not limited to:

  •  Powder off-loading station and transfer
    • 750kg bulk bags
    • 20t trucked isotainer
  • Polymer storage silo (vertical/horizontal)
  • Polymer wetting and hydration (static/dynamic)
  • Mother solution transfer
  • Reagent/polymer dilution and injection
  • Utilities, consisting of
    • Instrument air (if required)
    • Nitrogen (95% to 99.99% purity)
  • Central MCC & PLC
  • Water treatment & filtration, low/high-pressure water supply pumps
  • Laboratory container (optional)
  • Online monitoring of Viscosity, Conductivity & Hydrocarbons









It is recommended that polymer preparation plants are selected from our standard suite of plants to save both in design time and money when executing projects.

ProProcess Modular “Fast Build” EOR Size Range

The mother solution concentration utilised in EOR applications is typically higher than 1 wt% and is then diluted to a final injection concentration as specified by the end-user. The final plant and dilution configuration is dependent on various factors including field injection pressure required, existing water injection equipment, etc. but can primarily be categorised into the following:

Low pressure suction dilution – This option is typically chosen for a greenfields operation, where high pressure water is not readily available on site.

High pressure discharge dilution –This option is typically chosen for a brownfields operation where existing high-pressure water supply pumps are utilised for the waterflood.

Low-Shear Design

Special attention is given to the selection of the mechanical equipment such as the transfer and injection pumps, agitators and inline mixers to ensure that the hydrated polymer is not sheared. Furthermore, the piping network is designed to ensure low shear.

Wetting Head – Maximum Availability

ProProcess utilise an inhouse developed wetting apparatus which can produce high mother liquor concentrations without fish-eyes and with minimal equipment blockages, thus increasing the availability and uptime of the polymer plant.

Injection Pressure Control – “Curlers”

We offer individual pumps per injection as well as other pressure distribution devices like “curlers”. The polymer solution normally flows through the main header. If a pressure drop is to be subjected on the polymer solution, a specific length of the header will be closed, forcing the solution through higher resistance coiled pipe thus imposing a frictional pressure drop on the solution.

ProProcess is able to assist not only in EOR floods but also in alternative chemical EOR designs  and associated processes such as:

  • Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) systems or any alternative configuration, such as Alkali-Polymer (AP) or Surfactant-Polymer (SP)
  • Water treatment

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