Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis (FVP) is a technique whereby the application of temperature for a specific time results in the desired yield of an organic (gas-phase) compound. The applied vacuum controls the hydrocarbon chain length of the intermediate products. It also leads to improved product yields, lower residence times and a significant reduction in gas production. The FVP process is followed by quench cooling thus creating a desired final product stream, ranging from low sulphur fuel oil to refinery feedstock. The low flash point fractions produced by the process are used to provide the energy required for heating of the pyrolysis reactors.

ProProcess engineers have been extensively involved in the piloting and demonstration unit design where state-of-the art process simulation software was utilised to design and optimise FVP processes. Depending on the feedstock, the processes investigated are operated in either continuous or batch mode. Our experienced Chemical Process Engineers are able to interpret laboratory, pilot plant and process simulation data to ensure our clients receive cost-effective and fit-for-purpose process solutions.

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