Employee Value Proposition

Our EVP coupled with our strong corporate culture lends itself to an environment where employees are engaged, accountable and who embody our core values of: 

  • Behaving like an owner,
  • Acting with a sense of urgency,
  • Being team players,
  • Being committed to continually improve and
  • Delivering results

We consider our staff to be a team who is unrivalled in knowledge, skill and dedication in their respective fields and who compliment the know-how and experience of our customers.  Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) has been developed to recruit, retain and reward this top talent by focussing on five key EVP drivers.

The first driver of the EVP focuses on the organisation. We pride ourselves in the professional reputation that the company has established in the market.  Our staff compliment is made up of a diversity of people from an abundance of different backgrounds. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and an environmentally safe manner and the staff share these same values.  Furthermore we also engage in communal social awareness campaigns and support various charities.

Secondly, under the opportunity driver we pledge to invest in the continued development and advancement of all staff working at ProProcess. We believe that it is only through continued learning and development that we are able to both improve ourselves and deliver the best possible solution on any project. Employees are exposed to new technology and international projects in a multi-disciplinary environment where new ideas and entrepreneurial skills are encouraged and rewarded.  We have a business development and incubation program where employees have an opportunity to set up new business ideas.  The succession strategy is based on developing and promoting from within the company.

Our third driver is about reward. The company owners believe in sharing in the success of the company with its staff both coupled to financial and non-financial benefits.  We offer long service rewards at every five-year milestone. Non-financial rewards include various wellness initiatives and paid time off for wellness activities.

Fourth is the work driver.  We tackle technically diverse and multifaceted projects, thus allowing for great personal and career growth. The corporate culture creates an environment of innovation and supports research and development activities on an organisational level.

The fifth driver is all about people and an engaged workforce and here our offerings are plentiful.  We pride ourselves on having accountable and supportive management who engage with subordinates in an open-plan environment. The company financially supports many social and sporting activities to assist employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance and to build camaraderie amongst peers. We believe in a balanced approach to life and realize this by making it possible for employees across business units, disciplines and levels to get together in a non-work related environments.  We currently host a Running Club, Cycling Club, Shooting Club and a Sworkit Fitness Club.  Our social club co-ordinates social events to support our culture of camaraderie.